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With our SERP Checker API Playground interface you can easily check the SERP results by specifying search query, google domain, target language and country and output and device.

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We offer different types of packages from small to enterprise levels so that everyone can benefit from our service. Just choose your package and get your data

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While you scrape Google with our API solution, you can track your request history from our clean dashboard as well.

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Why Aves SERP Checker API

Unbeatable Price

In terms of pricing & performance, we are the most powerful in the market. No monthly contract. You pay only per success results with our API.

Extreme Performance

Our powerful cloud infrastructure is built to withstand high volume API requests without the need of a queue.

Any Location & Device

Retrieve Google Results from anywhere in the world with any device. AvesAPI enables you to obtain geolocated search results.

Highly Scalable

We developed a big infrastructure that scales itself for tens to millions of requests to get real-time results.

Powerful Network

Forget worrying about proxies, CAPTCHAs and antibot systems. We can handle this issue with our infrastructure easily.


An easy-to-use REST API responding in JSON or HTML, compatible with any programming language.

API Playground

Why our SERP Checker API

Collecting automatically SERP data is always a big challenge for developers. We believe that, this task should be easy to complete by using a powerful Google Search API. In reality, scraping search results is a tough task, that involves managing proxies, servers, captcha-solving, and parsing of the constantly changing markup of the search results.

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100.000 SERPS

TOP-100 Results

GEO targeted search

Real-Time Response

JSON / HTML output

$0,00125 per additional request



500.000 SERPS

TOP-100 Results

GEO targeted search

Real-Time Response

JSON / HTML output

$0,001 per additional request



1.000.000 SERPS

TOP-100 Results

GEO targeted search

Real-Time Response

JSON / HTML output

$0,00075 per additional request


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get billed?

Your credits are consumed only if the API call returns results. API calls to retrieve account details, and the API calls with empty results don't consume credits.

Are the search results live?

Yes, your API calls are processed in realtime and you get back the results right away.

What is your pricing model?

We don't force you to subscripe recurring plans. Instead we are using pay-per-usage model. Purchase your credits based on your need and use them whenever you want.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes we have. According to your needs and search volume, we can apply the discount that you have never received before.

How searchs are counted?

Only successful searches are counted towards your monthly searches. Cached, errored and failed searches are not.

What is your refund policy?

If our service doesn't serve your purpose, we will issue a refund for your unused credits anytime.

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