About Us

AVESAPI was founded to help developers and agencies with their projects by offering huge amount of structured data.

By developing structured, and easy to reachable data, we strive to offer a good variety of options to anyone who wants to start their new project without spending a lot of time and money.

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Geo-specific targets

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About the company behind AvesAPI

The AvesAPI is used to scrape SERP data at scale by hundreds of SEO agencies, marketing professionals and companies of any size around the world. Our smart distributed system is capable of scraping millions of keywords with ease.

Why AvesAPI

Obtaining accurate SERP data from Google is a big challenge because of the smart algorithm behind. Imagine you have bunch of keywords and you need to check SERP results regularly. Manually checking all of these keywords is really time consuming. Besides, you will be faced with CAPTCHA, blocking mechanism after a lot of requests. That’s why we built the smart distributed SERP scraper for you so that you can constantly check your keyword SERP data without managing proxies captchas.

Aves SERP API lets you beyond the limits and always provides you fresh data.

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