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Geo-specific targets

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What is AvesAPI?

The AvesAPI was built to offer an automated way of gathering targeted search result (SERP) data. Data is collected using a powerful proxy network as well as proprietary and scalable web scraping and CAPTCHA solving technology. To learn more, you can get a free API access key, take a look at the API Documentation and make your first API request today.


Where is the API's data coming from?

The AvesAPI is using a proxy network and proprietary scraping technology to retrieve SERP data from search engines in an automated fashion whenever API requests are made. SERP data is publicly available and anyone can access it.

Which search results are supported?

The AvesAPI supports nearly 100% of search result types returned by Google, including web results, image results, video results, news results, shopping results, sponsored ads, questions, and much more.

How scalable is this service?

The AvesAPI is built on top of the cloud infrastructure, a system some of the world's most popular real-time API services are running on, which makes it highly scalable and flexible at any stage.

Plans, Pricing & Payment

What is your billing method?

The AvesAPI Free Plan is a way of getting familiar with the API, offering basic API functionality and a limitation of 1000 search requests for ever new comer. We are using pay-per-usage method and you only are supposed to pay what you used. If you need a higher volume for instance 1 million requests, we can make important discounts.

Which payment methods are supported?

Payments can be made via credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Diner's Club, American Express). Enterprise and high-volume customers may request annual bank transfer payments to be enabled. You can change your payment method at any given time in the "Payment" section of your account dashboard.