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  • Get structured data in JSON or HTML in real-time.
  • Ads and organic results with all SERP features.
  • Obtain Top-100 results from any country, language and location.

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Get HTML Results

Get Real-Time HTML Results

Our SERP API allows you to retrieve HTML results from Google by any device and location regarding your query. If you already have your own parser then the HTML export option would be the best fit for your business.

Get HTML Results

Or get JSON Structured Results

If you don't have a parser and you need structured data then JSON export would be the best choice for your business. Our structured SERP data contains almost all major SERP features such as videos, images, maps, answer-box etc.

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SERP API Pricing

We currently don't support priorities. Each request returns real-time result, and costs 1 credit.

  • 1K searches
  • Top-100 Results
  • GEO-targeted search
  • JSON or HTML export
  • Always returns live result
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  • 25K searches
  • Top-100 Results
  • GEO-targeted search
  • JSON or HTML export
  • Always returns live result
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  • 100K searches
  • Top-100 Results
  • GEO-targeted search
  • JSON or HTML export
  • Always returns live result
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Why you should use our SERP API?

No monthly recurrent

No-monthly recurrent

We use pay-per-request pricing model. You don’t need to subscribe any package. You only pay upon successful requests. So you save your money.
Fast response

Fast response

Are you getting tired of waiting for results? Make concurrent requests and experience the speed we offer with our smart infrastructure.
Geo-specific search

Geo-specific search

If you need local results, you can make Geo-specific requests by using UULE, country, and/or city parameters.
Easily integrated

Easily integrated

Get responses in JSON or HTML format so that you can integrate our data to your existing system hassle-free and with ease.
Parse product data on shopping

Parse product data on shopping

Extracting shopping data is so easy with AvesAPI. You can export shopping data from Google by using our smart SERP data parser. Use JSON export and extract all the features regarding a product like title, description, pricing, category, related products, and more.

Organize your request with API Playground

Organize your request with API Playground

With our SERP Checker API Playground interface you can easily check the SERP results by specifying search query, Google domain, target language, country, output and device.

Choose your package

Choose the package that fits your need

We offer different types of packages from small to enterprise levels so that everyone can benefit from our service. Just choose your package and get your data. If you need for a custom package please contact us. According to your average monthly search volume we can offer great discount as well.

Track your SERP API

Track your SERP API

While you gather SERP data via API request, you can also track your request history in details from our clean dashboard as well.

SERP API by Country

You can retrieve the Google Search Results from anywhere in any country with any language via our SERP API. If you want to know how to do that you might have a look at our country pages for the guidance.

The Powerful SERP API for your business

Scraping Google SERP data is always a big challenge for developers. It needs big proxy networks which are clean and not flagged by Google, captcha-solving and browser emulating jobs etc. You may not be able to afford all these by yourself and handling these tasks manually is cumbersome. We believe that this could be trivialized, so we developed the powerful SERP API which is the fast Google Search API that allows you to scrape SERPs in real-time.

SERP API for scraping Organic Results

Organic results depend on search engine's ranking algorithm and it can be difficult to rank higher especially in competitive keywords. Customers are usually comfortable spending a lot of money so that their business rank well on search engines which attracts more visitors thus make more money. They often work with SEO agencies to achieve that. These agencies need our data to understand which competitors rank higher and what should be done to help clients outrank their competitors in organic results. By scraping organic search result data using our SERP API you can track your and your competitors website ranking positions.

SERP API for scraping Paid Results

Google Ads is an important factor for business owners, especially for those who want to be get traction fast. Paid results are shown at the top of SERP by featuring little green box with the 'Ad' word. Companies use Google Keyword Planner which is an online tool to help them identify the best keywords for their business. You can use our Google Search API to scrape Paid Results so that you decide what kind of keywords are more valuable in your market.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get billed?

Your credits are consumed only if the API call returns successful results, and each package that you purchase is valid for 6 months. You should spend your credits in 6 months after your purchase.

What is your pricing model?

We don’t force you to subscribe recurring plans. Instead we are using pay-per-usage model. Purchase your credits based on your need and use them whenever you want.

How do you count searches?

Only successful searches are counted; cached, errored and failed searches are not.

Are the search results live?

Yes, your API calls are processed in real-time and you fetch the results right away.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes we do. According to your needs and search volume, we can apply the special discount that you have never received before.

Do you offer refunds?

If our service doesn’t meet your need, we will issue a refund for your unused credits anytime.